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In the fourth grade, our son began experiencing difficulty keeping up with the rest of his class in math. After months of resource classes, he became frustrated and began showing signs of low self esteem. A friend told me about Tutoring 101. The rest of the story is one of victory.

Today, he is a sophomore in high school and doing well. He still attends Tutoring 101 weekly for math and in the summer to keep fresh. I cannot thank the staff of Tutoring 101 enough for their dedication and encouragement.
—Gail D.


I scored a 35 out of 36 on my ACT after a four week course!

—Austin, Lovejoy High School

We purchased a Tutoring 101 gift certificate at a school fundraiser. Our daughter Allison took your ACT class, improved her score, and got accepted into the honors program at her college of choice. Thank you to Tutoring 101 and thank you for donating your services to support our school!


David attended one-on-one lessons to improve his ACT score. He improved 3 points after only a few lessons and earned in-state tuition based on his score. We saved over $30,000 on tuition! We were thrilled.


I increased my score 240 points after a 5-week course and got into all five schools I applied to. I am now at UCLA.

Natalie, Lovejoy High School

I was so worried about the SAT in the months prior to the test. So much of my future was resting on how well I’d do on this test and that really freaked me out. At first, I didn’t really have a strong plan on how I was going to go about studying for this crazy test. So I signed up to attend the Tutoring 101 SAT Prep class knowing that I’d come out feeling more confident. I had been tutored in Chemistry and AP American History my previous year with great results (like D’s to B’s, it was crazy). I knew the SAT class would be no different, and I was right.

The instructors really know what they are talking about and it’s obvious very early on that they really do care and want you to succeed and do well on this important test. I learned some groovy techniques in the Reading part of the test and would later go on to score a 680 on that portion of the exam. I also did really well on the Math portion. I’m terrible at math, so I know that had I not taken the course, I couldn’t have made it.

Studying for the SAT (or any subject) with Tutoring 101 is an extremely good idea if you’re nervous about taking the test or just feel like you need some extra practice. They’ve got great tutors-most are teachers who are doing what they do every single day. I highly recommend taking the SAT class, it helped me tremendously and I know that it will do the same for anyone else who takes it.
—Ray, Allen High School

Our daughter graduated in the top 10% of her class at Allen High school gaining automatic admission to some of the best colleges! We relied on the excellent tutors at Tutoring 101 throughout out her school years. In high school, they helped her succeed in all of her AP Math, Science, and History classes.


Our 2nd grade son attended lessons with an excellent elementary teacher at Tutoring 101. After only 1 month, I was surprised to view a worksheet he had written. I could not believe how much he had already improved. After only 8 lessons, his writing and level of reading had improved dramatically.


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