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Before you add those test scores to your pile of papers on the kitchen counter, note how your student scored on the test and formulate a study plan for the SAT.

Myth 1: My student is smart or a good student and will do fine on the SAT.

Their SAT scores will mirror their PSAT scores and now that you have those PSAT scores, plan to increase those scores 100-200 points.   If you study for tests at school, why would you not practice and learn the strategies to get YOUR top score.

Myth 2:  The PSAT is not important.

It is your Junior year.  The PSAT scores from the Junior year are used to identify National Merit Scholars.  If your student is a high scoring student, increasing those scores can lead to an opportunity to be a National Merit Scholar. National Merit Scholars benefit from full ride scholarships to colleges across the country.

Myth 3:  My PSAT scores will improve each year.

Not really, not that much.  Students who do not study the PSAT/SAT will see little or no growth in their scores.  Students often say they plan to take the SAT test again to improve.  Statistically, they will not improve unless they practice.

 sportboy Study Skills page

Most students take the SAT their Junior year and many take it more than once.  With our prep program, students return to classes free to continue to improve their scores.  Some students return Senior year, to earn scholarships or admittance to the honors programs at their chosen colleges.

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