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Say, What?

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Considering the arguments of Kids Growth’s “Why Won’t My Child Talk To Me?”, the answer becomes deceptively simple: They’ll be thrilled talk and share with you, so long as you’re prepared to listen and share in return.

The difficult key here is being able to remain patient and respectful even when your child seems to be acting unreasonably, disrespectfully, or irrationally. As Kids Growth explains, “You can accept and respect your children’s feelings even when you don’t see things the same way. You also can accept their feelings without necessarily accepting how they handle them (for example, it’s okay to be angry, but not to hit).”

Kids Growth lists a number of useful suggestions on how to steer you and your family onto a path of clear and effective communication, but we’ve got a few more to add to their collection:

  • Set aside time to talk — sometimes creating time for…

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