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Summer Tutoring is Just Around the Corner!!!





The time is approaching! Summer tutoring begins NEXT WEEK!

Tutoring 101 Summer College Prep 2014 in Allen, Texas

Summer is the perfect time to raise your scores and up your game. Our Summer Academy can help students…

  • Maximize their knowledge and enhance their skills
  • Increase their STAAR/PSAT/SAT/ACT scores
  • Equip your student for excellent study and organizational skills
  • Prepare for Grade school readiness for all local ISD programs

Tutoring 101’s Summer Academy entails:

  • Once and twice weekly classes
  • Teacher led workshops with challenging new lessons each class
  • Study Hall and one-on-one prep available as well as group classes

Your child deserves Better Scores, Better Colleges and Better Scholarships. Help them achieve it with effective curriculum and real classroom teachers/professors. 

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Summer Planning for Elementary Students

  • Make an appointment to meet with our tutors today to set up your individualized summer tutoring program! You can schedule a block of lessons for June, July, or all summer long.
  • Choose a variety of fiction and non-fiction pieces (such as from The National Geographic or other education-oriented magazines) for everyone to read and discuss together as a family or even as a group of friends—reading and book clubs are great for summertime!
  • Get a good math workbook that addresses a wide array of math skills (such as geometry) in order to reinforce what kids learned last year as well as to give them some exposure to next year’s subjects (contact Tutoring 101 for recommended workbooks!)
  • Plan museum outings of every kind: art, history, science, etc. – something that’s fun and interactive for students, friends, and family

Summer Planning for Middle & High School Students

  • Continue practicing for band or orchestra (we would recommend practicing for at least 2 days a week) – and be sure to work with fun music; get creative with it! You can get great practice out of anything from your favorite Disney songs to movie and video game soundtracks!
  • Read, read, read! All the time! Try drawing up a “fun summer reading” booklist
  • For high school students, begin preparing for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams
  • Engage in as many educational activities as possible, whether it be attending concerts or visiting historic sites

And don’t forget to have a great summer!!!

410 N. Greenville Ave. #110 
Allen, Texas 75002