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The Holistic Review Process

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Parents and students,
Much is made about the “holistic review” process by many colleges and universities across the US.  What often seems simple is often quite complicated in the process, especially as schools have large pools from which to choose and only a few spots in which to fill. 
Duke University has posted a terrific blog about holistic review and provides great insight into the process (not just for Duke, mind you).  After having read several thousand applications in my former role as senior admission counselor at SMU, I validate Duke’s thought process for holistic review — SMU’s is quite similar — and reiterate the importance of well-roundedness among applicants.
To read the Duke article, click here:  http://blogs.admissions.duke.edu/?p=3558
We hope that this provides a noteworthy glimpse into the minds of the college admission committees all across America.  Please let us know if you have any questions, and we’re happy to work with you, whether student or parent. 
Addison P. Snyder
College & Career Counselor
Lovejoy HS
Randy Trevino
College and Career Counselor
Lovejoy High School
Lovejoy Independent School District

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