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Extracurriculars at Lovejoy High School: Resume Building, Career Building, & Interest Building

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That’s right! Lucas, TX’s very own Lovejoy High School was recently named one of the best high schools of 2012 by US News (based on 2010-2011 data).


And what helps set a high school apart from the rest besides its teachers, courses, and test scores? That’s right: its extracurriculars. That’s part of what makes Lovejoy’s recent buzz such a puzzle.

According to NICHE, although Lovejoy High School can lord an A grade over Allen’s current A-, judging by reviews provided by recent alumnus, it seems as though Lovejoy still has quite a way to go when it comes to standing toe-to-toe with Allen on extracurriculars.

Of course, regardless of what’s currently or not currently available for Lovejoy students, all a weaker extracurricular offering means is that there are plenty of opportunities for students to become the founders and leaders of brand new groups and clubs. So, if there’s a niche missing at your school or if there’s something you want to see changed, then it’s up to you to change it; it’s up to you to fill that void. After all, colleges aren’t only interested in what clubs and organizations you joined, but what clubs and organizations you helped fuel, change, or begin. It’s important to show that you can and are learning to be a team-player by joining and supporting the efforts of others, but it’s also vital to personal development and college readiness that you take charge at times, that you let your burgeoning leadership skills shine through for the betterment of yourself and your classmates. So, when considering what clubs and organizations to join, support, or spearhead, ask yourself what skills you want to develop, what courses you most enjoy, what types of people you want to work with, what types of goals you want to work toward, and how you can channel all of these things to better yourself, your peers, your community, and your world.

Also, don’t forget to think of extracurriculars as a part of your education — always try to keep in mind and think about how these can connect and interact with new electives and courses, whether in the arts or the sciences. Don’t forget that extracurriculars are an important part of not only self-development, but in exploring new possibilities, subjects, and skills. So, if you aren’t taking a science course or elective this semester/year, why not join or start up a robotics or astronomy club? If you weren’t able to fit in an art or music course this time around, why not see if there are any extracurricular choirs or art clubs you could join? Or, if you find you need some extra help studying your mathematics or in getting your bearings in the wild world of economics, why not go seek out support from people involved in related clubs and organizations?

(Quick disclaimer: this is meant to give an overview of the diversity of clubs and organizations available at LHS, but is not comprehensive. Also, for a list of ideas regarding types of clubs to begin at your own school, check out our previous post regarding Allen High School’s clubs and student orgs, and be on the lookout for upcoming posts regarding extracurriculars offered by other schools in the Collin County area.)

Music & Arts:

-Guitar Club

-Spotlight (Women’s Ensemble)

-A Cappella

Education & Academics:

Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE)

-Lovejoy High School Students’ Council

-PTSA-Parent Teacher Student Association


-Texas High School Bowling Club


-Basketball (Women & Men’s)

-Cross Country


-Golf (Women & Men’s)


-Soccer (Women & Men’s)




-Track & Field

  • See Cross Country for club information


-Wrestling (Women & Men’s)



-Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Community Service and/or Advocacy:

-National Honor Society

-Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS)


-Mock Trial

-Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

-American Sign Language Club/Honor Society

-Sport of the Mind: Competitive Chess Club

-Engineering and Robotics Club

-Extreme Engineering and Robotics Club Meeting (for parents!)

-Model UN

-Leopard Speech/Debate Team

Of course, a great service that Lovejoy HS also provides its students is this great list of other extracurriculars and clubs that are available to students beyond the school’s doors.

Here are just a few from this list to pique your interest:

-Technology Student Association

-Duke TIP, Talent Identification Program, 8th-12th

-Allen Library, Young Adult Writers’ Alliance

-Metroplex Math Circle

-New Conservatory of Dallas (comprehensive music program)

-North Texas Youth Orchestra (NTYO)

-Key Club

-Collin County 4-H Club


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